Athletics Quarterly. Edition 4

Welcome to our first Athletics Quarterly for 2023! Athletics Quarterly surfaces ideas and dialogues that embody our values as a creative studio, express our views on business and brand, and provide a window into our thinking and culture. 

As we settle into the new year, we want to highlight some of our recent projects and share some of our thoughts for the coming year. We hope you enjoy this edition of Athletics Quarterly!

Brands at Work

Playing better with A.I. Trace

Trace automates the process of recording and editing game footage, using A.I. to predict and zero in on those highlights that matter the most. In a performance-driven space, Trace stands apart. Our narrative approach tells a story not of technology, but of young athletes, their journeys, and the memories that stay with us. For a youth-centered brand, we crafted a video-centric system featuring real user footage. With a refreshed system, the brand hit a jaw-dropping milestone fast: 10M video views in one month.

View the Trace case study

Visit the Trace site


Local passion with a global perspective. Catskill Art Space

“We’re trying to open the doors in a way, so more people will come in. It’s challenging, breaking down the perceptions of what an art gallery or art center is.” — Sally Wright. Executive Director, Catskill Art Space

Ever a refuge for nature lovers, the Catskills are experiencing a cultural and economic renaissance. Buoyed by a fresh influx of city escapees, there’s a different air about the place, as new mixes with old, rugged with refined. Catskill Art Space celebrates and supports its diverse community while opening the doors to a global audience placing Livingston Manor on the map as a premier arts destination in the Catskills region.

The Catskill Art Space identity was developed to evoke the many expressions of the community — the river that goes through the town, the curves of local creatures, and an ode to the fly fishing line. By balancing the human with clarity and contemporary precision, the sinuous mark has a versatility to work across events and environmental graphics to smaller, personalized moments. CAS strives to be a world-class art institution while celebrating its deep roots in the Catskills. By bringing diverse art perspectives from the world into the community, they’re changing perceptions of what a regional arts organization can do and be.

Explore the Case Study

Visit the Catskill Arts Space site

Read the article in the New York Times

Ideas and Dialogues

Designing Escape Country

Steeped in history, high culture, and a desire to get out of the city, New Yorkers have long romanticized the Catskills. From its days as the home of the Esopus and Mohicans, to Gilded Age playground, and now hipster long-weekend getaway… (same), for better or worse, our imagination of the Catskills changes as fast as New York City, creating as many design opportunities as it does challenges.

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2022 Highlights

We welcomed an entire crop of new team members in 2022!

Swing by our “About” page to meet them, along with the rest of the team!

Held our annual summer retreat.

It’s always a joy to get out of the city, and we love bringing together remote and employees from far-flung reaches of our country for some fun in the sun.

Allison Connell celebrated 10 years at Athletics!

Our queen, our glue, our generous compatriot. Congrats and thank you for a decade with us!

Crowned a winner in our passionate (& high stakes) World Cup office pool.

Liam is not Australian, but still did a shoey in solidarity. Katie, our winner, has yet to stop trash-talking.

And partnered with some amazing clients!

All case studies can be found on our homepage!

Miscellaneous - Inspirations

Miscellaneous is our no-frills round-up of all things inspiring our team. Featuring exhibits, concerts, experiences, reading material, music, and more, we’ve been sharing the things that move us since 2017. This edition features some of our studio’s inspirations as we look forward to 2023.

Fat Ham

James Ijames’ Fat Ham is headed to Broadway – “It’s best play I’ve seen in the last few years” raves Allison Connell, Design Director.

Waking Up App

Neuroscientist, philosopher, and New York Times best-selling author Sam Harris’ has created the Waking Up app that combines the best of ancient wisdom pressure-tested by modern science. It’s an app that promises to be a new operating system for your mind.

Akira Nakai

Akira Nakai is the founder of Porsche tuning company RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF (RWB), which specializes in the design and installation of custom wide-body kits for classic Porsche models. He travels across the globe to each customer and does all the installation himself.

Spare Ribs – Sleaford Mods

Sleaford Mods critically acclaimed 11th studio album Spare Ribs is a masterpiece for our times. Jason Williamson’s signature vocals are backed by razor sharp economical beats and bass to weave together an infectious and defiant musical manifesto.

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