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Local Passion with a Global Perspective

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Strategy, Art Direction, Brand Identity

Catskill Arts Space Ellen Brooks

Regional Arts Redefined

Catskill Art Space is Livingston Manor’s premier arts organization that is leading an artistic transformation of Livingston Manor and its environs. Central to its mission, CAS is committed to developing ambitious programming, fundraising, and community engagement. With a sophisticated mix of visual art, music, dance, and film, CAS is a world-class arts destination that champions local pride with a global perspective. Athletics worked with Catskill Art Space to develop a new brand identity that reflects its future forward ambitions while remaining true to the heart and soul of Sullivan County.

Catskill Art Space Exterior

Signature for creativity

The mark for Catskill Art Space “CAS” was developed in a gestural style to evoke the many expressions of the community —  the river that goes through the town, the curves of local creatures, and an ode to the fly fishing line. This purposeful ambiguity always comes back to Livingston Manor. By balancing the human with clarity and contemporary precision, the sinuous mark is easily readable for events and environmental graphics and in the form of a monogram for smaller, personalized moments.

Catskill Art Space Posters
Catskill Art Space Wheatpasting

We’re trying to open the doors in a way, so more people will come in. It’s challenging, breaking down the perceptions of what an art gallery or art center is.

Sally Wright. Executive Director, Catskill Art Space

Catskill Art Space Shirt
Catskill Art Space Business Cards
Catskill Art Space Poster Exterior

Utility meets elegance

The typeface Lars Extended Light was selected for its versatility and ease of use. With universal appeal and contemporary sophistication, Lars gives the Catskill Art Space team a typographic voice that will complement and reinforce their wide variety of creative exhibitions and performances.

Catskill Art Space Annual Catalog

Honoring the natural environment

For the CAS brand, its naturalistic palette reflects the local environment. The neutral suite of core colors allows for the vitality of CAS’s art and programming to take the foreground. A secondary accent palette of red purple and green provides brand recall and visual impact for key communications. 

Catskill Art Space Window
Catskill Art Space Flag
Catskill Art Space Color Palette
The color palette lives between two worlds—a serious neutral set designed to quietly support the art and vibrant pops to amplify our sense of place.
Catskill Art Space Interior
The renovated gallery seamlessly unites the old with the new—reinvigorating the space without compromising its origin, an inspiration for the final visual identity. Photos courtesy of Zach Hyman