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Turf, CATK, HDR on Neocon interiors, Steve Hall for NeoCon imagery

Turf Signage

Playful, Fearless, and Empathetic

Turf approached Athletics to develop a new brand strategy and visual identity to present a more grown-up face to the world. They have grown at record pace, finding success working with some of the world’s most ambitious architects, designers and companies, helping them to bring their creative vision into reality. They wanted a brand that reflected that, without losing their authentic Turf flavor. To this end, a key part of Turf’s identity is their serious commitment to bringing playfulness, adaptability, and joy to every project, especially when the pressure’s on. To achieve this, Turf listens deeply for pain-points in the design process, introducing automation in ways that mean their customers can focus on the best parts of being creative and leave the noise behind.

Modularity meets playfulness

Turf’s wordmark consists of building blocks that reflect the modularity of their product, a metaphor for the ability to bring any form to life with Turf. Brand recall is central to the Turf mark while Turf’s iconic T monogram can be cropped tightly and used as supergraphics.

Turf Typeface

A perfect balance of function and expression

Tomato Grotesk pictured above was chosen as the primary typeface for Turf because of its geometric shapes and accentuated contrast that give it a strong personality that works in print and one screen at a versatile range of sizes. For Turf, typography leads with function and clarity, while leaving room for playful quirks and a youthful sense of humor

Bold color driven by humanity

For the Turf brand system, color taps into the playfulness of Turf’s culture while delivering a confidence to stand out in an industry that is mostly white and gray. Color helps Turf lead with optimism that celebrates the creativity in everything they do.

Turf Business Cards
Turf Tape

This was such an adventure to go from figuring out how we wanted to talk about Turf, to launching a new brand and website!  This is the culmination of a year’s worth of work and dedication among the team. We have all worked together to create something incredible with the Turf brand.

Faraz Shah. Brand and Marketing Communications Manager at Turf