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A world where opportunity is as equally distributed as talent.

Athletics collaborated with Guild to design and develop their new site experience extending Guilds’ new brand identity and storytelling into digital. The site focuses on Guild’s primary audiences; employers, learning partners, and working adult learners, so that each can learn about Guild’s unique offering and how they are instrumental in driving career mobility at scale. The site’s unique challenge was to communicate to Guild’s different audiences in different interrelated ways while maintaining a cohesive, bold and engaging narrative flow.

Real people. Real impact.

Every student journey is different. The Guild site leverages full bleed, high impact photography of real employees to celebrate Guild’s impactful and unique student stories.

Simplifying stories

Flexible site modules were created that allow the Guild team to tell more complex stories encompassing imagery, headlines, bylines and data. As users scroll, information builds upon one another allowing for an easier reading experience while preserving narrative depth.

The halo effect

Hero photography expands upon Guild’s new brand identity developed by COLLINS. Animated radiating forms are a metaphor for Guild’s ability to help learners amplify the talents they already have within.

Spotlighting members stories

The site’s member spotlight module was developed to allow site visitors to explore multiple members’ stories within the page. The module gives the Guild team the power to integrate images, quotes, data, video and other content into a captivating snapshot of each student’s unique journey.

Thank you for your incredible work on our new Guild website. Without your contributions, we would not have launched a beautiful, functional and scalable site on time with our Brand launch! It has been an incredible journey and we have enjoyed partnering with Athletics throughout.

Karthik Chandhramoulie Sr. Director of Marketing at Guild

Throughout the site experience Athletics developed a suite of micro interactions that reinforce the concept of upward momentum to reflect learners’ growth and potential.
The mobile site experience has been optimized to ensure that audiences can easily parse content, read at their own pace, and intuitively find was that are looking for.
Everyone's path to potential looks different—some choose to dive head first on an exciting new chapter, others prefer to navigate slow and steady with clear roadmaps and directives by their side. Guild empowers students regardless of how they chose to learn and the Guild site reflects that; a full-spectrum of tonality that honors the many paths and experiences Guild's partners may encounter along the way.

It's been a fantastic partnership. Thank you all for the dedication and hope you are as proud as we are with the new Guild site!

Eve Bayer. Senior Director, Brand Strategy & Copywriting at Guild