Bringing Care Closer

Our Role

Research and Strategy, Brand Identity, Brand Writing, Art Direction, UI / UX Design, Responsive Web Design and Development


Oriana Fenwick (Illustrator)

  • A call to stethoscopes After raising the bar for primary care with One Medical, entrepreneur-physician Tom X Lee assembled his team of innovators to tackle the urgent problem of healthcare access.

  • Diagnosing an intractable problem Millions of Americans cannot afford healthcare. Millions more struggle to navigate a fragmented system that keeps their doctors distant.

  • A new prescription for healthcare Tom and his team designed a modern, tech-enabled medical practice. One that improves outcomes, lowers costs, and brings doctors closer to the people who need them

  • Inspired by the scientific revolution They named their medical practice Galileo, after the 17th-century astronomer whose newfangled telescope supported a controversial theory: that the Earth revolves around the Sun.

The future has an ancient heart

Our challenge was to craft a brand strategy, identity system, and site that capture Galileo’s modern, humanist approach to healthcare. Our solution does just that, marrying both ends of the company’s vision — the cutting-edge engineering behind its technology platform, but also its goal of using that technology to enhance a sacred doctor-patient relationship rooted in conversation, evidence-based medicine, and 24/7 accessibility.

Earth and ivory tones bring warmth and neoclassical sophistication to a set of blues and greys. Vivid color pops activate the palette and point to a brighter future.
The logo and mark are inspired by humanist typefaces, merging a classic feel with a modern precision.

The strategic examination

Our stakeholder interviews and competitive research culminated in a brand positioning that embraces Galileo’s professional, multi-disciplinary spirit — and introduces its employees as a collection of experts. We called this brand territory The New Authority. Our positioning work then informed an update to Galileo’s brand platform, which now begins with a substantive reframing of its business proposition: to bring care closer to the millions who need it. Upon this strategic foundation we crafted a brand narrative and voice that exude qualities essential to a modern medical practice based on humanism: confidence, precision, and sincerity.

Detailed, realistic illustrations put faces to the names of Galileo's expert clinicians.
All illustrations by Oriana Fenwick

A balanced design treatment

From logo to type to brand voice, the new Galileo identity melds new and old, modernity and tradition, into a uniquely competent vision for the future of healthcare. Where other healthcare disruptors lean into friendliness and novelty, Galileo embraces expertise and aptitude. Where competitors speak vaguely about the future of medicine, Galileo strives for specificity and precision, contextualizing its claims with research. This identity comes to life on a newly designed site that brings multiple Galileo operations under one roof and facilitates an expansion of audiences, partnerships, and services.

We’re not just any new kid on the healthcare block. Our new brand identity helps us communicate our expertise and competency in a very noisy space.

Carolyn Manning, VP, Marketing, Galileo

The brand uses a mix of three type styles: a precise serif for the brand voice, a friendly sans for more information-driven moments, and a hint of handwriting for a personal touch.

Ongoing care

In parallel with creating the new strategy, brand, and site, we began defining a content strategy that accounts for near- and long-term communication needs. Starting this phase early helped us  design an identity for the future of Galileo. Continuing it will help us guide the creation of multimedia content in an organized, strategy-bolstering fashion. Alongside further updates to the site, a fully fleshed-out content strategy will help define how the brand connects with audiences everywhere, online and off.