Alba Racing

A New Era for Women in Motorsport

Our Role

Art Direction, Brand Identity, Brand Writing, Concept Development


Lars Hemming Jorgensen

Forging a new path in racing

Within the international motorsport world, Alba Hurup Larsen is one to watch. In 2023 Alba was selected by the international motorsport organization FIA for the prestigious shootout Girls On Track – Rising Stars with Ferrari. She went on to beat out the other qualifiers and win the final edition.  To build off of this momentum and to further cement her place in motorsport, Athletics was tapped to develop the identity for Alba Racing.

Optimism and Confidence

Alba Racing’s wordmark is designed to stand out on the track and off. The lower case bold san serif provides an assured symmetry while expressing a youthful exuberance. Its compact versatility can easily flex across badging, merchandise and livery graphics.

I want to inspire more girls to follow their passion and dreams — even in worlds dominated by boys.

Alba Hurup Larsen

From Starting line to Winner’s Circle

To complement Alba Racing’s compact wordmark and vibrant colors, a logo avatar was created to reflect Larsen as an icon within Women in motorosport. Finally, secondary typography leans into italics to evoke speed and clarity.

Vivid Velocity

Alba Racing identity leverages a vibrant color palette that expresses youthfulness, confidence and energy and reflects the team’s dynamic approach to racing.

Athletics have done an incredible job at creating a universe for Alba Racing that’s bright, bold, youthful, and intelligent. The process of working together was outstanding.

Lars Hemming Jørgensen. Alba Racing Sponsor