Samsung x Athletics

Samsung is a world unto itself.

The South Korean conglomerate builds oil tankers, sells life, fire, and marine insurance, develops textiles, plasma displays, and biopharmaceuticals, runs a hospitality group, resorts, and medical centers, and designs some of the most cutting-edge technologies in the modern world. Among other boundary-pushing ventures.

Now, Samsung works with Athletics.

We’re pleased to announce that Athletics is helping Samsung define the new direction of their Connected Home offering, currently known as SmartThings. Working closely with a Samsung design unit based in Seoul, South Korea, Athletics design and strategy teams are developing the philosophy, mood, feel, brand, and user experience for a suite of Connected Home products ranging from Fabric Care to Air Care, Relaxation to Dining.

The project gives Athletics the opportunity to wade into the fascinating world of automated home technologies. Our goal is to bring the soul and warmth of home to a technical, digital experience.

Stay tuned for more announcements and a full case study coming in the following months.

건배! / Geonbae!