Albert Barnes and the Dangerous Idea of Art for All

On Wednesday, April 21st at 5pm, with the museum’s centennial on the horizon, Athletics and The Barnes Foundation hosted a brief talk and presentation on ‘Albert Barnes and the Dangerous Idea of Art for All.’ Barnes Foundation Art Director Olivia Verdugo explored the living legacy of Albert Barnes’s vision for a truly democratic arts institution through the intersecting lenses of education, curation, architecture, and design. The presentation featured extraordinary archival documents, many in Barnes’s own hand, as well as ample cameos by Fidel, his beloved dog.


View the presentation below:


The Evening Sessions

We know a lot of people with a lot to say about a lot of things. Over the past few years we’ve been inviting some of those people to our studio after hours to present to our community about the things that make them tick. Things like brutalist architecture, corporate modernism, and digital meditation. Today, we might be far away, but our friends still have a lot to say. That’s why we’re continuing the Evening Sessions — Athletics’ periodic platform for interesting ideas — as virtual events open to the public. It’s our way of staying connected with inspiring ideas: the lifeblood of any creative business. And you’re invited! Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn for news of upcoming events like this.