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Welcome back to Miscellaneous – our no-frills round-up of the cultural items inspiring our team. Featuring exhibits, concerts, experiences, reading material, music, and more, we’ve been sharing the media that moves us since 2017. 

This edition features picks from around the studio that we hope will give you some springtime joy and get you outside!


Get your herb on -This Spring a few team members have been inspired to plant herbs (basil, mint, cilantro, and rosemary in particular) to use in fresh recipes. We highly recommend Ottolenghi’s soba noodles with lime, cardamom and avocado.

Jaw Harp – Featured prominently in the song of the summer ;^) Spud Infinity, this little instrument is great fun to play on a stoop or back porch while enjoying the fresh air and a little bev. I, on the other hand, have chosen the path of evil and use it to annoy my roommates to no end.


Phillip Glass’ Akhnaten at the Met Opera – If you didn’t get your Phil(ip Glass) of Akhnaten in its initial run in 2019, you’re in luck. The visually stunning opera is back, opening May 19th. Remember to wear your tails and bring your birding binos (we know you picked up bird-watching in 2020).

The Bedwetter @  Atlantic Theater Company – A new musical based on Sarah Silverman’s memoir, originally set to premiere spring 2020, is finally getting its debut!

Ambient Church – Live ambient shows in various churches around NYC with killer audiovisual components.


Building a cabin in the Italian Alps – Dutch former graphic designer Martijn Doolaard documents his journey restoring two 100-year-old stone houses in the Italian Alps, by himself. Using only a drone and an SLR to document the journey, Martijn has created an exceptionally beautiful video series, sure to inspire and awe.

SeveranceA show on Apple TV full of mystery, intrigue, and workforce existentialism, with visionary cinematography, set and wardrobe styling, and an admirable commitment to color palette. What do the baby goats mean? We’ll never know. An A+ from us. 

Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy – If you didn’t get enough of Ryusuke Hamaguchi from his masterpiece Drive My Car, his new film which consists of 3 short stories, is now streaming on Criterion Channel. 

Another masterpiece by the Daniels: Turn Down for What – If you haven’t already, run, don’t walk, to see the Daniels’ Everything Everywhere All at Once at your nearest local cineplex. That said, if you don’t have 2.5 hours to spare, perhaps you have 3.5 minutes to enjoy the Daniels’ earlier, equally bizarre and delightful work of pure cinema: the music video for Lil Jon and DJ Snake’s Turn Down for What.


David Byrne Radio Presents: Brazil in the 21st Century – David Byrne’s monthly playlist is always good for a change of pace and a deep dive into a new (to me) corner of music. Carnival might be over but there’s still time to samba!

Taylor’s Springtime Playlist – As a studio, we love to share our music around the office and over Slack, and for a number of years now we’ve been creating weekly playlists (often centered on a hyper-specific theme) that have become a sort of shared workday soundtrack. This playlist, brought to you by our very own Taylor Holland, features jams that are sure to get you moving. Take it for a spin feel free to peruse playlists from our archive.


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