Dear friends,

Janteloven, or “the law of Jante,” is a Nordic literary term describing the behaviors conducive to social equality. At the risk of crude oversimplification, Janteloven puts society above the individual, encouraging humility and kindness while discouraging boastfulness and jealousy. More than a rigid code of conduct, it’s a fluid set of unspoken social norms. As a creative studio, we often look north for aesthetic inspiration, from Arne Jacobsen to Volvo, but there’s much to be gleaned from Scandinavian philosophical exports like Janteloven as well, particularly as we reassess the way we live, work, and interact emerging from the coronavirus pandemic.

In the spirit of mutual social betterment, we present this month’s Miscellaneous — our no-frills round-up of the cultural items inspiring Athletics, for the enjoyment of our community. Stay tuned for more editions in the coming months.

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Nourish (sustenance)

Fideos Secos with Shrimp

A recipe from Chef Gabe Erales, a fan favorite on this season of Top Chef


Trout a la Tasmania

Smoking tricks from a Kiwi in time for trout season in the Catskills



The Times uncork this effervescent (and affordable) Basque wine

Care (wellness)

Green Thumb Garden Finder

We encourage our New York readers to go touch some dirt


Kate Bush Choreography

Learn the iconic 1978 Wuthering Heights dance (red dress not included)


Voices of Birds

Listening as a bridge to kinship with our feathered friends

Consume (content)

Hemingway on PBS

Burns and Novick hunt elusive prey: the man behind the myth


International Poster Gallery Archive

Journey through time and design with this deep collection of vintage posters


Embrace of The Serpent
Scientists pursue a sacred plant in the Amazon in this striking 2015 black-and-white drama

Smile (positivity)


The fake Eurovision song that stole our hearts and nearly landed an Oscar


Grease Live Control Room

After an unconventional Oscars, a reminder of what goes into live television


The Accidental Reality Star

The surreal and hilarious saga of a Russian man trapped on a Chinese TV show

Poetic Fragment

“When I looked down from the bridge

Trout were flipping the sky

Into smithereens, the stones

Of the wall warmed me.”

From “May” by Seamus Heaney (1972)


Header Image – “Little Joe With Cow” by Yasuo Kuniyoshi (1923)