Dear friends,

As anyone who has studied a bit of drama likely knows, men have portrayed women on the stage from the age of Aristophanes, through the age of Shakespeare, and into the 20th century. This gender-bending convention was rooted in a social system that fought, among other things, female suffrage and financial independence. It meant that on-stage, for far too long, women rarely had the space to tell their own stories.

On the world stage, we’ve come a long way toward equity for all women-identifying folks. But expanding upon the work of those who came before us requires daily effort. With that conviction in our hearts, and with an understanding that American mothers and working women are facing existential challenges at this moment, we gladly accept the invitation of Women’s History Month to support, amplify, and celebrate the works and wins of extraordinary women. The stories are everywhere. Our job is to tune in.

That’s why for this month’s Miscellaneous, our no-frills round-up of the cultural items inspiring Athletics, we offer a glimpse into the boundless creativity of brilliant women, with a sampling of exhibits, recipes, documentaries, resources, podcasts and more.

Stay tuned for more editions of Miscellaneous in the coming months.

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Nourish (sustenance)

Dulce de Leche Honey Cake — Recipe by DC-based chef Paola Velez, founder of Bakers Against Racism

Somewhere South: Dumplings — Chef Vivian Howard searches for the elusive definition of “dumpling”

Eudora Welty’s Crab Casserole — Smashing party recipe by the Mississippi bard

Care (wellness)

Naaya Wellness — Female-led wellness space built for BIPOC

Crossword by Molly Young — Print and puzzle with the brilliant New York-based writer

Women and Wellness — Part of the Smithsonian’s extensive virtual “Girlhood” exhibition

Consume (content)

Nüshu — Script by self-educated women in a remote region of China (and Lisa Huang 黄丽莎)

The Center Will Not Hold — Intimate documentary on the enigmatic Joan Didion 

Before Sunrise — Nana Yamato — Dreamy debut from 20-year-old Japanese indie pop phenom

Smile (positivity)

Miss Sharon Jones! — Inspiring doc about the legendary soul singer now streaming 

Pretend It’s a City — See the city through Fran’s eyes

I Saw What You Did — Hilarious podcast dissecting good, bad, and weird films


Poetic Fragment

“Moon marked and touched by sun   

my magic is unwritten

but when the sea turns back

it will leave my shape behind.”


From “A Woman Speaks” by Audre Lorde (1997)


Header Image

Rocking Chair” by Nellie Mae Rowe (1981)