Dear friends,

January is the customary month of beginnings, the time when we tear the scribbled old page from our annual calendar and expose a blank expanse with a sigh of relief and a sense of hope. In this annus horribilis, however, it is December (January’s subdued older sibling) that promises a gust of bracing fresh air. A new presidency waiting in the wings, a vaccine moving through final trials…it feels as if we’ve all been struck by what a wise man once called the audacity of hope — an optimism that defies reason, and challenges fate and history to simultaneous arm-wrestling matches. Few acknowledge this openly, and that makes sense, because even in our hyper-industrialized civilization, we carry a simple superstition from the old world: hope is inauspicious, and expectations are disappointments waiting to happen. But we’ll dare to say it: there’s a sliver of light on the dark horizon, and we’re here to welcome it.

Perhaps we’re feeling energized because we’ve recently welcomed three wonderful new friends and colleagues to the Athletics team: Katherine Lee (Executive Strategy Director), Ana Realmuto (Senior Designer), and Kelly Wang (Design Intern). In this month’s Miscellaneous, Katherine, Ana, and Kelly have pulled together the cultural items that are inspiring them this month. Welcome to the team!

From all of us at Athletics, stay well, stay smart, stay strong!

Stay tuned for more editions of Miscellaneous in the coming months.

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Nourish (sustenance)

Donate a Goat via Oxfam

Gift a goat to support a family in need


Crinkled Chocolate Chip Cookies

A wavy variation on the timeless family favorite

Italian Wedding Soup

Soup season is in session with this low-commitment Italian wedding soup

Care (wellness)

Neck Exercises for WFH

Neck exercises to counteract body-by-desk


Thoughts on Winter Workouts

Just don’t slip and fall!


Digital Nature Walks

Take a wellness break with these immersive virtual nature walks

Consume (content)

See How COVID Spreads

Fascinating visualization of how coronavirus spreads through space


Postmates Year in Review

TLDR: sourdough bread kits orders increased 600%


Oh, Hello on Princess Di

Stoke your Crown fever with George St. Geegland and Charmed I’m Sure Gil Faizon

Smile (positivity)

Underwater Happy Hour with the NY Aquarium

Get to know some jellyfish


Chimera Painter

Turn your scribbles into fantasy animals with Google via machine learning 


Alaskan Sled Dog Run

Tag along with the world’s greatest furry adventurers

Poetic Fragment

“Tomorrow’s dawn is a promise that will fulfill.

Never mind if the sky does not quite agree.”


— From “The Promise We Live By” by Simon J. Ortiz (1994)


In solidarity,



Header Image — “Caricature of a Group of Figures” by Paul Flandrin (1858)