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Welcome to Miscellaneous – our no-frills round-up of the cultural items inspiring our team. Featuring exhibits, concerts, experiences, reading material, music, and more, we’ve been sharing the things that moves us since 2017. 

This edition features picks from around the studio that we hope will bring you some warmth, joy, and comfort!

Activities, inspirations, and recommendations

Trillion Dollar Coin

A trillion-dollar coin sounds unbelievable, but that won’t stop curious designers from offering their take on what that might look like. Athletics is honored to be asked to contribute!


The Honorable Willy Wall

The Honorable William Wall is Manhattan Yacht Club’s floating clubhouse in the harbor. All sailboat races start and finish from its location. This summer, BYOP (bring your own picnic) and catch some sun on this floating bar anchored in the Hudson.



Hipgnosis created iconic album cover artwork for Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Genesis, Peter Gabriel and many others. The documentary ‘Squaring the Circle (The Story of Hipgnosis)’ is an ode to their creative genius.


The Perpetual Stew Club 

Head down to Bushwick and add to the stew. Watch it simmer. Watch it bowl. Become ONE WITH THE STEW. Plus it’s vegan!



With great attention to detail and in a three-year process, the designers of Style Porsche, together with the marketing experts of the sports car manufacturer, have carefully modernized the iconic logo


Ed Fella: A Life in Images

This book charts Fella’s epic creative journey, including a wide selection of pieces from his 60 years of work across two careers.


Eccentric Northern Soul

A blend of classic Motown-inspired sounds with a unique British flair that is sure to get your feet moving. Give it a listen


Ten Birds That Changed the World

Learn about our winged friends… and foes. This book shines a new light on many of the everyday birds we don’t think twice about. Yet to be officially released in the US, but it’s quite easy to get your hands on a British copy if you’re feeling courageous.


Rakka’s Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Making Class

Head to Red Hook for this class that pulls back the curtain on how Raaka’s artisanal chocolate comes to life.


Late Break Show

Who ever thought watching a man get barn-find cars up and running again could be so calming? Host Johnny Smith delves into the human stories behind the forgotten gems hidden in a garages, backyards, and hedge across the UK.


Marc Andreessen on Why AI Will Save the World

Entrepreneur and venture capitalist Marc Andreesen speaks with EconTalk’s Russ Roberts about the future of AI.

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