Welcome to the Team!

We are thrilled to welcome three new faces to the ever-growing Athletics team. Katherine Lee joins as our first-ever Executive Strategy Director, having previously worked alongside brands like Google, IBM, National Instruments, Snapchat, and Classpass. Lee’s presence will greatly enhance our strategy offering, adding rigor to complement our technology and design practices. Ana Realmuto joins as Senior Designer, having most recently worked at Stink Studios, where she lent her creative firepower to clients like Riot Games, Casper, and Phillips. And finally, Kelly Wang joins us as Design Intern, having recently received a BFA from School of Visual Arts as well as work experiences at National Geographic and Working Assembly. While these are unusual circumstances to kick off a new job, we’ve been thoroughly enjoying getting to know these three extraordinary talents remotely, and are eager for our clients to have the pleasure of working with them in the near future.

To get to know Katherine, Ana, and Kelly, we asked them a few questions…


Where do you go for inspiration when (if ever) the well runs dry?

“I often retreat to the outdoors to get a different perspective, though I also find the grocery store quite inspiring… something about being surrounded by food. This one’s old-world, I know, but I also go to the library! It turns out there are all sorts of smart and interesting things in books.” — Katherine

“Like many other designers out there, I hoard loads of references and random images I’ve stumbled upon in a variety of places, so usually I’ll go digging through those. I also like to get off-screen when I can, just changing my scenery and going for a walk tends to help.” — Ana

“I like to go for an aimless walk.” — Kelly


What do you hope to accomplish in your role at Athletics?

“What I try to accomplish in every role, Pinky…try and take over the world. But also, help our clients make great decisions and look amazing while doing it. ” — Katherine

“I’m always hoping to build brands and systems that communicate who the client is and what they stand for in a clear and beautiful way.” — Ana

“I hope to learn a lot working with an amazing team and helping build and design memorable visual identities and great web experiences.” — Kelly


What’s playing on your headphones while you work?

“Nothing with words, because most of what I do is thinking and writing, I can’t listen to anything, so a lot of classical.” — Katherine

“I switch between music and podcasts pretty frequently, it depends on my mood and what kind of project I’m working on. I also make different playlists that really help me get into a groove. It usually has some kind of Frank Ocean on it.” — Ana

“Music! Lots of hyperpop, electronic music, and sometimes ambient. I like to put on NTS radio to explore old and new music.” — Kelly


What would be your dream project as a creative?

“One of the things I’ve been obsessed with for a long time is how narrow our career paths can be in life. I’d love to create an engine that pulls big data on people’s personalities, interests, experiences, personal, and professional successes…and shows you all the weird things that are available to you. Ideally things that you’d never thought of and that you might never otherwise be exposed to.” — Katherine

“I’ve never been able to work with a cultural institution and have always wanted to. My dream is to work on some kind of performing arts center.” — Ana

“I would like to design identities for big music festivals and do art direction for music videos.” — Kelly

And finally, to see what’s inspiring Katherine, Ana, and Kelly this December, see their special guest edition of Miscellaneous here.