During the course of developing some easter eggs for our friends over at Control, we found ourselves asking whether or not we could make a synthesizer that runs completely in the browser. This resulted in a deep dive into the HTML5 Web Audio API.

Now that we’ve come up for air, we return with the yokoMono monophonic synthesizer — named with a nod to pre-John, proto-Fluxus Yoko Ono and inspired by early monophonic synthesizers from the likes of Bob Moog and Don Buchla.

Before we send you on your way, it’s worth noting that the yokoMono is best played on a desktop or laptop in Chrome or Firefox. Also, keep in mind that we’re in early alpha, so check back for features, fixes, etc. Ok, that’s all we got, you can check out the yokoMono at lab.01.

The more technically minded should take a peek at the source code. Feel free to contribute (we’d love to see a pull request for a filter sweep soon!).