StartUp / Gimlet

From Podcast to Parent Company

Our Role

Art Direction, Brand Identity, Web Design and Development

  • Meta media StartUp is a podcast launched in 2014 to document the formation and founding of Gimlet Media, an unprecedented, for-profit podcast network.

  • Podcast prodigies The show documented the trials and tribulations of Alex Blumberg and Matthew Lieber as they lifted their business off the ground, and attempted to define a new approach to monetizing new media.

  • Listen up Today, Gimlet podcasts are downloaded over twelve million times per month by listeners from nearly 190 countries worldwide.

  • Press play Athletics collaborated with Alex and Matt to create the brand identity and website for both their breakout podcast, and the company that podcast chronicled.

A podcast about starting a podcast network

StartUp’s charm derived from its honest and insightful examination of the effort required to get any business going from the ground up, from finding a unique value proposition, to developing credibility, to fortifying for the future. However, unlike your average early stage business, Gimlet also had a podcast to produce.

StartUp debuted with immediate success, becoming one of six iTunes Chart Toppers for 2014-15.

The human touch in digital media

The pilot episode of StartUp follows Alex as he asks everyone around him for help, advice, and of course, investment. We were inspired by Alex and Matt’s audacity and vulnerability, which came to the surface in equal measure throughout the episodes of their podcast. Accordingly, the brands we designed for StartUp and Gimlet sought to blend digital-first media branding with a distinctly human voice.

Startup no more

Following Gimlet Media’s launch, listeners and investors alike flocked to the company. Gimlet continues to grow its roster of podcasts, providing narrative stories that help people better understand the world, and one another.

Gimlet Media is now home to hit shows like Crimetown and Reply All.