Meet NYU

Amplifying Voices at a Prestigious Global University

Our Role

Brand Identity, Digital Publishing, Physical Environments and Exhibitions, Responsive Web Design and Development, UI / UX Design

From admission to profession and beyond

NYU aims to provide life-shaping experiences, beginning with admissions, carrying through to a student’s academic and professional career. Seeking to better convey its holistic pedagogy, NYU Admissions decided to combine a number of existing digital properties to amplify two significant voices: students and staff.

For students, the platform needed to give an open, honest view of life at NYU from the perspective of students themselves, alongside practical information about applying. For staff, the site needed to do justice to the range of experiences they provide beyond the academic, including communities, clubs, and professional opportunities.

Many voices, one platform

In response, we crafted a content publishing platform called Meet NYU. The site is built with versatile editorial tools that allow the Admissions department’s publishing team to weave a range of narratives related to a range of student needs. The prevailing challenge was how to blend both student and professional voices, offering each an equal platform to introduce readers to NYU from different angles.

NYU is a big place, and it’s often challenging to distill our vast academic offerings and student opportunities into stories that will be both specific and universal to a global audience.

Joey Schmidt, Executive Director, Marketing & Communications, NYU

Flexible tools with rigorous rules

Developing a clean visual identity for the platform by adapting the NYU admissions brand, which was previously designed to stand out in physical mailings—we applied it to this digital editorial context. Inspired by the diversity of voices the site needed to amplify, we built six different article themes to be selected at the author’s discretion, with different colors and type styles to fit the tone and content.

Since the design was built around a diversity of voices, there are six different article templates or styles for authors to choose from.
We developed a photo treatment style to illustrate abstract subjects and unify imagery.