A New Lens

Our Role

Art Direction, Brand Identity, Brand Writing, Motion Graphics, Naming, Packaging, Product Design and Fabrication, Research and Strategy, Web Design and Development, Video Direction


Berliner Benson

  • Two entrepreneurs walk into a design studio Hubble founders Ben Cogan and Jesse Horvitz came to our Williamsburg studio with a clear vision.

  • Optical inclusion Their idea was to offer honestly priced contact lenses factory-direct via an effortless digital platform.

  • Design and disrupt Athletics was engaged to translate this concept into a brand name, brand identity, packaging system, and digital experience.

  • Easy on the eyes Throughout the process, our team sought to streamline the process of ordering contact lenses and—dare we say—make it fun.

From the ground up

This project afforded Athletics the rare—and coveted—opportunity to build a brand from the ground up. When Ben and Jesse first approached us, they had an idea and a relationship with a contact lens manufacturer. That left it to Athletics to work with their team to define what exactly Hubble’s offering would be, and how it would appear to the world.

Athletics has played a key role in the success of Hubble Contacts since well before launch. Their understanding of our industry and consumer—and the importance of good design and storytelling in introducing our product to both—was invaluable.

Ben Cogan, Founder, Hubble Contacts

With a nod to the first major optical telescope to be placed in space, the term Hubble evokes omniscience, technology, and of course, superior vision.

Making first contact

Approaching contact lenses with a fresh perspective, Athletics crafted Hubble’s smart, playful identity system, expressing the company’s intuitive experience and innovative spirit. Injecting a sense of tactility and fun across every touchpoint, from packaging to an animated brand video, Hubble and Athletics worked together to offer a new lens on a historically sterile product category.

With its colorful boxes, modern design and decidedly non-medical name, Hubble is the first Instagram-friendly contact lens brand.


The willingness of Ben, Jesse, and the Hubble team to challenge a staid market presented an extremely exciting opportunity for us. Considering the old lens environment—a sea of white, fractal-based illustrations—the solution was right in front of us: own color and bring joy to a sterile space.

Malcolm Buick, Creative Director, Athletics

Our in-house illustrator drafted a series of crisp, friendly characters and icons to guide customers through the experience.

Eye on the horizon

In the year or so since its launch, Hubble has enlisted some 25,000 subscribers, inspiring glowing coverage in publications like The New York Times, GQ, Forbes, TechCrunch, and Vogue, and generating revenues estimated at $20 million dollars. We couldn’t be more proud of Ben and Jesse, and see big things down the road for the entire Hubble team.