The Shape of Money

Our Role

Art Direction, Motion Graphics, UI / UX Design


Colors and the Kids

Beauty and the banker

Uniting all of a user’s accounts and financial information on a single interface, Banked aims to make digital banking more beautiful, effortless, and secure. Believing that transparency and dashboarding have the power to make users more responsible about financial decision-making, they aim to change the way we interact with money.

When a user's finances fall out of balance they are alerted by one of their shapes transforming into an alternate state

Design is an asset

The challenge Athletics faced was how to use design to shed new light on a user’s financial health. With personal financial data functioning as our raw input, we needed to find creative ways to convey the meaning of data in ways that illuminate, not obfuscate.

Making money move

Basing our design on rigorous user experience research, we conceived a system that translated financial data into responsive renders in real-time, helping Banked convey a more nuanced, tactile, and visually stimulating reflection of a user’s financial position.

Each shape was assigned two states. A resting state to indicate financial balance and an alert state to indicate abnormal spending, anomalous decrease in account balance, or suspected fraud.