Nordic Cuisine in the Heart of Brooklyn

Our Role

Art Direction, Brand Identity, Concept Development, Web Design and Development


Tuukka Koski, Carl Von Arbin, Charlie Bennet

Otherworldly cuisine, straight from the earth

With a strong, almost mystical connection to the natural world and a highly unorthodox culinary philosophy that draws on unexpected ingredients (birchwood, reindeer lichen, pig’s blood) and preparations (incinerating lamb heart over bedstraw until the heart collapses into ash, served over creamed sunchokes), Aska serves elevated, multi-course dinners, with lighter fare and cocktails available in the warehouse’s cellar at the more casual Edda bar.

Design imitates nature

Working closely with chef Fredrik, Athletics defined a spare, naturalistic visual identity to echo Aska’s singular ethos and keep the focus on the ingredients, process, dishes, and plating. Across exhibits, we employed a pared-down aesthetic that meditates on natural ingredients, atmospheres, and textures.

Aska’s artful, minimal approach to plating

It looked pretty and pagan at the same time, like a page from a Martha Stewart lifestyle magazine for witches. 

The New York Times Magazine

We sought to frame—not distract from—Aska’s extraordinary sensory experience

The vibe is best described as hipster funeral.

The New Yorker