Carlen Parfums

Ungendering Fragrance

Our Role

Art Direction, Brand Identity, Brand Writing, Packaging, Product Design and Fabrication, Web Design and Development, UI / UX Design


Pippa Drummond

Cognitive collages with scent and design

Inspired by travel, botany, fashion, psychology, music, literature, and religious custom, Madalena and Gnewikow meticulously collect and infuse rare, high-quality materials into distinct distillations of scent, delivered in radically minimalist vessels. Deterritorializing the sense of smell, Carlen offers a balm to transcend your environment, or a lens to enhance it.

Enlisted to art direct and design a comprehensive brand identity, packaging system, and digital home for Carlen Parfums, Athletics upended luxury conventions of decoration and flourish in favor of a stark system that would honor and elevate the brand’s rigorous focus on quality materials and the experience of scent.