Welcome Zander Abranowicz

Athletics is proud to welcome its first-ever full-time writer to the studio family. Zander Abranowicz—a native New Yorker with a predilection for all things Mediterranean and an abiding fascination with birds of prey—will work to inject a greater sense of editorial rigor to the Athletics design regime. Serving as Athletics’s in-house writer, researcher, strategist, and sharer of viral videos documenting interspecies friendships, he will work to untangle the complexities of our clients’ businesses into polite, well-scrubbed, raw-denim-wearing prose.

Since graduating from Cornell University, Zander has contributed feature articles to Travel + Leisure, Elite Traveler, and Upstate Diary, and has driven editorial and creative strategy for clients in fashion, cosmetics, travel, tech, and the arts. Zander joins Athletics after serving as writer and editor on the business development team at digital agency Code and Theory.

While he is proud to have joined legions of his generational peers seeking to mold the digital world in their likeness, he holds an unalienable love for printed matter, long-form journalism, and literature. When he’s not in the studio, he’s exploring the five boroughs on his bicycle or wandering through the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Welcome to the team, Zander! We’re glad to have you.

Humbly written in the third person by Zander Abranowicz, Brand Writer, on April the 4th, 2017