Jason GnewikowCreative Director


Jason is a founding partner and creative director at Athletics. An industrious maker in the fields of design, architecture, sound, and scent, Jason creates multi-sensory experiences to evoke powerful emotional responses. Beginning his career as a professional musician, Jason produced more than 10 records and toured internationally with the indie stalwarts The Promise Ring. During this period, Jason was enlisted to design music packaging for a range of performing acts—from Joan of Arc to Jimmy Eat World—inspiring him to open Public Studio, an independent design practice headquartered in Chicago. In 2004, having settled in New York, Jason cofounded Athletics, bringing his energetic design aesthetic and creative curiosity to a new scale of clientele: IBM, Google, MoMA, Hubble, and others. Jason has proudly pioneered many of Athletics’ studio-initiated projects, leading entrepreneurial ventures such as Carlen Parfums and The Graham & Co. On weekends, you can find Jason experimenting with new endeavors, hanging poolside, or avidly gardening.


  • Idea Magazine,
  • The Sampler 2: Contemporary Music Graphics,
  • Communication Arts,
  • Print Magazine,
  • AOL Artists