Bungalow 5

Romantic Design Retold

Bungalow 5 was founded by a group of New York-based architects and designers with a passion for international design. The team works with in-house cabinetmakers and finishers to produce unique pieces with unusual, globally-sourced materials. Influenced by both Eastern and Western classical aesthetics, Bungalow 5 pieces are defined by their dual familiarity and freshness. Athletics worked with Bungalow 5 to create an identity reflective of Bungalow 5’s vision and aesthetic, all around the idea of “Romantic Design Retold.” Key to our collaboration was offering Bungalow 5 a better means to tell their story through materials, processes, and provenance. The new identity is communicated through sharper language, photography, and illustration, expressing Bungalow 5’s globally-inspired creations to a sophisticated audience.
Collaborators: Teke Busk  
Brand Identity, Brand Writing, Research and Strategy