Nordic Cuisine in the Heart of Williamsburg

Fredrik Berselius, the Michelin-starred Swedish chef, is one of the world’s most respected purveyors of high Nordic cuisine. Aska, his new restaurant, is located in a restored Civil War-era warehouse in the shadow of the Williamsburg Bridge. With a strong, almost mystical connection to the natural world and a highly unorthodox culinary philosophy that draws on unexpected ingredients (birchwood, reindeer lichen, pig’s blood) and preparations (incinerating lamb heart over bedstraw until the heart collapses into ash, served over creamed sunchokes), Aska serves elevated, multi-course dinners, with lighter fare and cocktails available in the warehouse’s cellar at the more casual Edda bar. Working closely with chef Fredrik, Athletics defined a spare, naturalistic visual identity to echo Aska’s singular ethos and keep the focus on the ingredients, process, dishes, and presentation. 
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