Talking Glo at Doberman

On February 6th two members of the Athletics design team—Creative Director Malcolm Buick and Senior Designer Allison Connell—participated in a roundtable conversation at Doberman, the Brooklyn-based design firm. The event kicked off the “Made For” series, and focused on the collaboration between Brand Design and User Interface, moderated by Katie Denton, Creative Director at Doberman. Our fellow speakers included representatives of MoMA’s internal design team, Order, Google, and of course Doberman. To say we were in good company would be an understatement.

Buick and Connell presented on the subject of our collaboration with Glo (formerly YogaGlo) alongside Robert Lindgren, Doberman’s Principal Designer. In 2018, Athletics rebranded and repositioned Glo to support its expansion beyond its original offerings—online yoga and meditation classes—to include new modalities like pilates, nutrition, and more general wellness-oriented content.

The brand identity we designed is rooted in the idea of balance: Glo’s integrated wellness offerings allow users to balance their practice with the realities of modern life. From a visual perspective, the system is based on symmetry and duality, which guides the use of language and color, among other system elements.

Since Glo is in essence a digital product, we anticipated the demands of a digital platform throughout the design phase. The application of the new brand identity system to Glo’s website presented a perfect opportunity to partner with our friends at Doberman. Bringing their team on board to tackle digital implementation, we introduced Doberman to the brand identity system we’d developed, and the thinking that got us there. Beyond that, we let their team do what they do best, without constant course-correction or intervention by our team. The partnership was a great fit based on mutual respect and trust, which, all creatives know, are the key ingredients to a good working relationship. Because the Doberman team didn’t require active monitoring beyond some key check-ins, we could focus on finalizing and perfecting the brand identity.

One unintended (positive) consequence of our collaboration with Doberman was that by proposing the partnership with Doberman in the first place, we strengthened our position as experts in all things brand in the eyes of Glo’s team. This led to additional work on core brand elements (such as art direction and site copy) ahead of the brand’s relaunch at the end of 2018.

Collaboration is core to our studio’s practice, and takes many forms. A single studio can’t do everything, so partnership allows us to deliver the best results to the client, while gaining new insight and skills in the process. Partnerships like the one described above take a certain degree of humility, but our job is not to put our stamp on everything we touch. Rather, it is to solve problems in the smartest, most efficient way, for the good of the client. 

Simply put, strong bridges benefit everyone.

Visit the Glo site (the result of our collaboration with Doberman) here

And read the full Glo case study here