Queens Tech x Code Nation Workshop

Code Nation brings tech leaders, high school educators, and students together to help increase access and equity in the fields of computer science and technology. Athletics had the honor of working with this remarkable organization to develop a new brand name (they were formerly known as ScriptEd), strategy, and visual identity in 2018. You can read more about our collaboration with Code Nation here.

In October of 2019 Athletics was proud to host more than a dozen Queens Technical High School students currently enrolled in the Code Nation program at our studio for an interactive workshop on creative technology and the ever-evolving role of coders in the design industry. The workshop was led by Athletics Director of Digital Strategy Jameson Proctor with the support of Brand Writer Zander Abranowicz and Designer Triana Thompson. We thought it important to expose the students to various disciplines as a way to show the vibrant interdisciplinary exchange at the heart of our creative process.

The core of the workshop was a hands-on simulation of our technology process, using a real client project—The Counter, launching in 2020—as our subject. Starting with experience strategy, and moving on to design and implementation, we sought to instill in the students a confidence in their innate knowledge of technology, having grown up fully immersed in digital experiences.

Our workshop was followed by a hearty lunch of Joe’s Pizza and a more casual meet-and-greet between the class and the larger Athletics team.