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The Counter (formerly The New Food Economy) is an investigative newsroom covering the forces shaping how and what America eats. We are proud to announce the launch of The Counter’s new name, identity, tagline, and editorial site.

Founded by Jeffrey Kittay, the creator and editor of the legendary magazine Lingua Franca, The New Food Economy had been in digital circulation for four years by the time it approached Athletics. Its journalists had broken stories on issues ranging from CRISPR technology to the rise of young and minority farmers, published pieces in partnership with The Atlantic, The Intercept, and The Guardian, and beaten major publications like The New York Times and NPR to press on critical stories—sometimes by months. But while The New Food Economy name was highly respected among die-hard food policy junkies and industry insiders, the publication had identified a wider audience—ranging from foodies to more general readers interested in food ethics—with whom it simply wasn’t connecting.

We hope that The Counter’s new visual and digital presence invites a broadened audience to enjoy the newsroom’s captivating stories, and make smart choices as consumers and citizens.

Full case study will be served shortly!

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