In Conversation: Volumeone with Matt Owens

We’re pleased to introduce In Conversation, a new series of — you guessed it — friendly chats amongst Athletics team members and creative colleagues on subjects of personal or professional interest. In lieu of well-worn fireside armchairs, we’ll make due with videoconferencing software and makeshift desk chairs. In both scenarios, we’re wearing slippers.

To kick things off, we welcome Matt Owens, Athletics co-founder and Creative and Project Lead. Some of you may know Matt from his days as a maven of Adobe Flash-based animation. That period of prodigious creative output is now meticulously archived on an editorial platform titled Volumeone, assembled and managed by Matt himself. With Adobe poised to end support for Flash Player on the final day of 2020, we thought it pertinent to look back at this groundbreaking technology with one of its pioneers. In the process, we’ll explore the trials and triumphs of an archival process that required the artist to look back while moving forward. To help tell the story, we’ve interspersed some of Matt’s wonderful visuals from the dwindling days of Flash.

Listen below, and stay tuned for more conversations in the weeks to come.