Athletics Site Getting Some Love

After months of close collaboration between our design, writing, and technology teams, Athletics launched its latest website on Friday, August 30th. Our previous site went live in 2014, and has served us valiantly for the past five years. But it was time for a change. Our work has (we hope) become more sophisticated, requiring a fresh platform to frame our projects and thinking.

In the past month, the new site has received accolades from some of our favorite arbiters of design taste, including Communication Arts and siteInspire. Communication Arts selected our site as a weekly Webpick, and invited us to share some of the philosophy and practical context behind the conception, design, development, and operation of our new digital home.

We’re proud to invite you to read our interview and learn more about what goes into making a contemporary agency website. An excerpt:

“The conception and creation of Athletics’s new website exists within a larger arc of introspection involving a deep interrogation of every aspect of operations from our business model to organizational structure to the very space in which we work. As Athletics initiated the process of fundamentally reimagining the way we appear to the world digitally—the first time we’ve done so since 2014—we seized the opportunity to test our process on the most exacting of our subjects: ourselves. Along the way, we embraced new technologies and means of interdisciplinary collaboration, which we’re eager to implement to the benefit of our current and future clients. The result, we hope, is a living, breathing document of our studio, making manifest who we are, what we believe and where we’re going.”

We also encourage you to visit siteInspire to see our site alongside some of the finest digital experiences to be found online.

Thanks to both Communication Arts and siteInspire for the kind features.