Miscellaneous 12.17

To our friends and creative conspirators,

Japanese Zelkova. American Basswood. Red Maple. The trees that line our quiet Brooklyn block have shed the last of their foliage in advance of the long winter ahead. The skiers and boarders among us pray for snow, and lots of it, while the rest of us brace for the big chill, with its icy mornings and early sunsets.

The tender summer and poetic autumn are behind us, but winter bears its own promise. A new year and its new beginnings are on the horizon. Pubs glow with life and offer respite from the cold street. That stack of books, amassed over the past months, beckons. Fireplaces crackle with life. And all around, winter light crystallizes the urban atmosphere, making the city feel both brittle, and incredibly beautiful.

Winter in New York also means the cultural calendar is in full swing. From silent film screenings to massive museum retrospectives, Miscellaneous — Athletics’ no-frills round-up of the cultural items that inspire us each month — is here to keep things light when the mercury plummets.

Stay tuned for more editions of Miscellaneous in the coming months.

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