Miscellaneous 01.19

Dear friends,

Happy new year! We’re pleased to share the first Miscellaneous of 2019. In an effort to set a hopeful tone for the months ahead, we invite you to visit More More: an open, interactive digital book where you can record your hopes, dreams, plans, and aspirations for the new year. Add an entry, or simply flip through to see how others responded. Please share with friends, family, and co-workers — we want More More to truly reflect the Athletics community, with ideas from all over the world!

Disclaimer: More More can be highly addictive. When you need a break from the computer, Miscellaneous is here to inspire your cultural wanderings on and off the screen. From the Virginia battlefields brought to life in Shelby Foote’s definitive history of the Civil War, to the haute bourgeois living rooms that serve as backdrops to Whit Stillman’s 1990 film, Metropolitan, here are some places Miscellaneous might take you in the month ahead.

Stay tuned for more editions of Miscellaneous in the coming months.
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Art of Native America @ The Met
Andy Warhol @ The Whitney
Toward a Concrete Utopia @ MoMA

Metropolitan (1990)
Catwalk (1995)
Roma (2018)

The Civil War — Shelby Foote (1958)
Spy of the First Person — Sam Shepard (2017)
Whatever Obama’s Reading (2018)

Delta Momma Blues — Townes Van Zandt (1971)
Veedon Fleece — Van Morrison (1974)
Metamodern Sounds in Country Music — Sturgill Simpson (2014)

Poetic Fragment
“The beam from the cracked purple eye
is locked on the one blank spot in Pegasus
that moves each night toward spring like
a black truck across the ice of the January sky.”

— From “The January Sky” by Anthony G. Sobin (1974)

In Solidarity,