Exhibiting Dialogue at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation

We’re excited to see Pulitzer Arts Foundation, a St. Louis-based art museum whom we’ve been working with the past few months, featured in The New York Times.

The Times capture what is at the heart of the Pulitzer—curating irreplicable experiences between art, space, and culture capable of fostering profound dialogue.

In the Pulitzer’s upcoming exhibition, artist Glenn Ligon presents a show entitled “Blue Black,” bearing the same title as one of the museum’s permanent fixtures: an Ellsworth Kelly. Exploring Kelly’s iconic use of color amidst 54 works by 42 artists, Ligon hopes to create a spirited dialogue born out of the interplay between color in of itself, and color as both a racial identity (black) and emotional metaphor (the blues). Ligon’s exhibition illustrates the Pulitzer’s unique ability to deliver on museum-goers’ desires while elevating personal and collective experiences with art through the unexpected.

The Pulitzer’s “Blue Black” opens June 9th. A full case study showcasing our work on Pulitzer Art Foundation’s new identity and redesigned site experience is coming soon.