A Year of Solidarity

By athletics

To our extended family,

The holidays are a time to slow down, turn away from the glow of our screens, and remember why we design. Preferably next to a crackling fire.

Solidarity — that pleasant sense of common interest — has been on our minds. What does solidarity mean in our time? How can it inspire the work of a creative studio?

On the surface, solidarity might seem alien to the field of design. Designers (we’ll be the first to admit) tend toward solitude. We’re content with a bit of music, a sharp pencil, and a blank sheet of paper. Our work, however, constantly teaches us to depend on one another.

We believe design and solidarity are but different branches of the same tree, sharing a common root: empathy. What lets us see through the eyes of our partners and their audiences is also what helps us feel for those around the world, or around the corner.

2017 saw Athletics thinking local, while simultaneously embracing the world. We worked with nearby schools, businesses, and restaurants, and deepened our commitment to the arts by collaborating with museums and cultural institutions around the country. Our projects also took us abroad, from Toronto to Barcelona to our beloved Scotland. We hope the stories we told, the platforms we built, and the brands we designed brought optimism, inspiration, and delight.

This year, we’re focused on strengthening the bonds of our creative community. Together, we can better serve our fellow man and woman and defend the planet that sustains us. In the very least, we can make the world a bit friendlier, a bit healthier, a bit brighter.

To inaugurate 2018 as a year of solidarity, we collaborated with Matt Blease on a few illustrations inspired by the term.

From Brooklyn, Athletics wishes you a happy holiday and new year!