Jameson ProctorTechnology Director


Jameson received his first computer, a hand-me-down Apple II+, during the dawn of the personal computer revolution of the 1980s. He spent a good deal of his teenage years in front of that Apple II+ writing games and graphics demos in BASIC. After a stint in the decidedly more organic world of the culinary arts, Jameson decided to pursue his love of computers and code professionally. Over the past 15 years, he built predictive supply chain tools and eCommerce sites for the restaurant industry, iOS control applications for music performances and robotics, and numerous custom WordPress sites. Joining the Athletics team as a partner in 2014, Jameson has injected an unprecedented degree of technical rigor throughout the project lifecycle. He has led a number of digital-first projects including J.P. Morgan In—Residence, Hubble, New York Review of Books, and Museum of the City of New York.